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Student mentorship program

We envision a midwifery workforce that reflects the demographics of our state of Georgia. Our mission is to increase the number of CPMs serving by enhancing community access to the Certified Professional Midwife credential through mentoring. Providing opportunity for mentor relationships will remove some of the significant barriers that student midwives of color, indigenous and/or LGBTQ student midwives, and other underserved populations face when entering the CPM profession. Specific barriers include blocked access to preceptors, limited access to clinical training opportunities for skills sign-offs, lack of adequate resources for small business development, and few opportunities for important community-building fraternization with other student midwives.

The CPM Mentorship Program stands with the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM) in committing to:

·      Investing in a strong CPM workforce that is racially, ethnically, and socially representative that can meet the needs of all childbearing people;

·      Ensuring that families have access to the services of CPMs that are a part of their culture

·      Opposing the oppression of LGBTQ people

·      Understanding and addressing the compound negative impact of oppression on marginalized childbearing people with multiple intersecting identities.

Please find more information on these commitments at http://nacpm.org/bigger-table-fund-scholarships-for-narm-exam-and-licensing-fees/


Specific goals include: aiding three midwives of color in obtaining their CPM and working toward preceptor status this year (2019), and graduating five student midwives of color by 2025. Our long term goal is for marginalized communities to be well represented so that the number of CPMs in Georgia doubles by 2030.


Mentors: Must be member of either Georgia Midwifery Association (GMA) or National Association of Certified Professional Midwives: Georgia State Chapter. Mentors may be students enrolled in a CPM program of study and apprenticeship who are advanced in their skills and learning process or CPM who have completed antiracism training modules at www.equitymidwifery.org and are able to maintain regular contact with their mentee as well as participate in clinical skills training workshops for all mentees in the program. Mentors will apply for participation using a Best Fit Questionnaire to be matched to the mentee that will best benefit from their guidance.

Mentees: There are no fees or costs associated with the mentorship program. Students seeking to be mentored must be enrolled in/applied to a CPM program of study. However, potential mentees that need assistance choosing a program will not be denied help. Mentees will also apply using the Best Fit Questionnaire.


The goal of the fund is to remove some of the significant financial barriers that student midwives of color, indigenous and/or LGBTQ student midwives face when entering the CPM profession. We recognize that there are multiple barriers beyond the NARM exam and state licensure fees that student midwives encounter, and it is our ardent intention to grow this fund in the coming years to help defray some of those additional expenses.

Funds will be distributed quarterly, according to a lottery system, with $3,000 available per cycle. The maximum individual award is $1,000.  We invite you to apply to the Bigger Table Fund. You also can access the application on the NACPM website.